Forthcoming Events

H&P Training Show

Horse & Pony Training Shows start on Wednesday evening 22nd January at 6.30pm.

SJI Winter Horse & Pony League 2020

Ponies 9.30am/Horses 2pm
Ponies: 60cm N/comers /128cm: 70cm/80cm/90cm/1m;
138cm: 80cm/90cm/1m/1.10m;
148cm: 80cm/90cm/1m/1.10m/1.20m
Horses: 80cm/90cm/1m/1.10m/1.20m/1.25m;
FINAL Sunday 12th April

Every Sunday from 2nd February to 12th April, except Sun 23rd Feb & Sun 29th March. These will be run on Sat 22nd Feb & Sat 28th March instead.


Kindly sponsored by GAIN Horse Feeds.
9 Week League. Starts Friday 7th February.
Prizes to the winner of each class every evening and Bumper prizes in the FINAL
Every Friday Evening Starts @ 6.30pm
Horses & Ponies (NON SJI).
FINAL: Friday 3rd April 2020.

AIRC “Equipet” Riding Club

Sunday 23rd February. Starts 10am.
Showjumping League hosted by Castle Leslie.

TRM Showjumpers Club Spring Tour 2020

Sunday 29th March. Starts 9am.
NEW Derbymed Amateur Spring Tour
1.10m/1.20m/Derbymed Amateur/1.35m GP.
€2,000 prizemoney in GP class
Kindly sponsored by TRM and Showjumper's Club.

SJI UR 2 DAY TRI Pony Spring Tour

SATURDAY 18th April. Starts 9am SHARP!!
128 50cm/60cm/70cm/80cm/85cm Under 10Yrs (Over 69 pts)/90cm/1m
SUNDAY 19th April. Starts 9am SHARP!!
148 90cm/1m/1.10m (incl 6/7Yr Old)/1.20m
138 80cm/90cm/1m/1.10m
COH & Juniors 1m
COH & Juniors 1.10m/1.20m Handicap.